Legacy Treatment Center and Juniper Canyon Recover Center for Women are leaders in researching and driving forward the effective treatment of substance abuse and addiction. Legacy and Juniper Canyon are frequently effective for people who have unsuccessfully tried other treatment settings. Because addiction is a chronic disease, recovery is not simple.  Getting on track with recovery as a way of  being is a long difficult process.  For many of our clients, substance abuse and addictive behavior have completely taken over their lives, blocking their journey to responsible adulthood. In addition to recovering from substance abuse, we invite our clients to discover new passions, enhance relationships, and develop a healthy and fulfilling way of living.  


Clients who don’t have serious substance abuse issues may struggle with some type of process addiction. These addictive behaviors may involve such things as video games, social media, sex, pornography, gambling, or even food. Legacy works with each client and family to identify addictive behaviors and thought patterns, understand the severity of the addiction, develop a plan to address the presenting issues, and lay out a path to healthy recovery. 


Each client’s experience at Legacy Treatment Center begins with a comprehensive substance abuse and addictive behavior assessment, designed to determine the severity of the problem and how it is impacting the client.  This assessment includes standard tools like the Substance Abuse Subtle Screening Inventory (SASSI), and Outcomes Questionnaire (OQ), interviews with the client and his family, and observations by the treatment team. The substance abuse/addiction assessment provides a clear picture of the nature and severity of the problem and allows the client, treatment team and family to plan and begin the work of recovery.

Personal Responsibility

One of the great gifts of recovery and honorable adulthood is taking personal responsibility. Leaving blame and excuses behind gives our clients the opportunity to reclaim their lives.  Through a process of forgiveness, shame reduction, and trauma work, these young men move into a phase of life in which they can claim full responsibility for themselves.  They are guided by a new hope and a sense of power reclaimed. 

How effective is drug addiction treatment at Legacy?

We have found that the individualized treatment aimed at addressing each client’s specific and co-occurring issues improves the outcomes. The quality of interaction and relationship between Legacy clients and our professional and licensed treatment providers is a central factor in the effectiveness of our treatment and our clients' long-term recovery success.

Treatment Approach

Legacy's licensed, experienced professionals work with each client and family to understand the level of the substance abuse, to identify the addictive behaviors and thought patterns, to develop a plan to address these issues, and to commit to a path of healthy recovery. 

Legacy Treatment Center introduces clients to a 12 step approach and utilizes a basic Family Systems Therapy model, combined with other evidenced based mental health practices, such as Motivational Interviewing and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy   to address individual diagnoses.  Substance abuse and addictive behavior issues are treated in tandem with any accompanying mental health or behavioral issues. Through proven methods of treatment, clients learn the skills and gain the confidence and desire to embrace recovery. A list of evidence-based programs and practices can be found on the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services website, www.samhsa.gov.

Recovery Treatment Team

Each client’s recovery process is supported by a team of direct-care guides  and mentors  that is trained and  experienced with substance abuse treatment. Many Legacy and Juniper Canyon team members are in recovery themselves and actively model a healthy recovery lifestyle for clients. Each client works with a mentor, who coaches them through carrying out the objectives of their weekly treatment plan.  Our clients develop"therapeutic alliances" and healthy relationships with their mentors, who coach them on practicing effective communication skills, taking personal responsibility, and developing solid Recovery and Life Success Plans.  

Recovery Planning

Legacy is committed to working with every client and family to put together a recovery plan that maximizes long-term treatment effectiveness. Developing a comprehensive and individualized relapse prevention plan is a crucial part of the overall aftercare plan and each personalized Life Success Plan.