UNH Research Finds Wilderness Therapy More Effective and Less Expensive

Legacy Outdoor Adventures and Juniper Canyon Recovery are pleased to share the latest collaboration with Dr. Mike Gass and the Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare Research Center. This video and the ongoing OBH research IS MAJOR NEWS!

“It offers evidence to insurance companies that it is more cost effective to provide coverage for outdoor behavioral therapy than current forms of treatment." -Mike Gass Director Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare Research Center

DURHAM, N.H. – Substance use and mental health issues have become a major societal problem across the United States, especially for teens. Some experts say it has even reached epidemic proportions with no signs of letting up. The quest to find effective treatment options has led many parents and healthcare professionals to outdoor behavioral healthcare (OBH), commonly referred to as wilderness therapy. However, one of the challenges has been cost because many programs are not covered by insurance companies. But in the first-of-its-kind study, researchers at the University of New Hampshire have found that OBH is not only more effective but is cheaper than more traditional treatments.

“This is an exciting new era of behavioral healthcare,” said Gass. “Our hope is that healthcare and insurance professionals will use this information to advocate for better coverage for these clients and their families."

Legacy insurance, we:

  1. Verify and preauthorize benefits on the front end.

  2. Contact insurance companies directly to clarify the policy and coverage for the family.

  3. Work with insurance companies even when out-of-network.

Our admissions experts are committed to helping families navigate the health insurance process to ensure families receive the their maximum benefits. Call us at (866) 436-4458 today for a free insurance benefits check.

Families can and should receive cost-effective OBH treatment when it’s needed, and that is why we are pleased to inform you that we are licensed by the State of Utah to provide the residential level of care for men and women. We verify benefits prior to admission, obtain pre-authorizations, which allows us to serve families that could otherwise not afford this incredibly effective form of treatment.

Sincerely, Gil Hallows c: 435.691.1094

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