The Victory and The Struggle

Dan and Matt from the The Victory and The Struggle interview Derek Daley from Legacy Outdoor Adventure and the Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare Center.  Derek shares his passion for using wilderness and adventure therapeutically in the treatment of mental health issues including addiction.  His mission goes beyond treating those with diagnosable problems, Derek advocates for EVERYONE to get off the couch and get outside.  We explore some of the common misperceptions surrounding wilderness therapy and discuss some of the most recent research findings related to safety and effectiveness.

Call to action: Get outside and go for an adventure #rxoffthecouch

The Victory and The Struggle Podcast features cohosts Dan Hollingsworth and Dr. Matthew Poinsett as they discuss fitness in all its forms.  Dan providing his expertise as a physical therapist, CrossFit coach, and instructor to CrossFit coaches around the world.  Matt, as a teacher, presenter, and therapist, brings expertise in the realm of mental and emotional well-being.  Both of them seem more than willing to share their passion for wellness with anyone that will listen, and that makes for a pretty good podcast.

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