Summit Dance: Fundamental approaches to facilitating therapeutic adventures.

Local University Students climb to the summit of Wasatch Peak. They made the climb to learn about adventure therapy and to dance at the summit!

This is an opportunity for those with an interest in, and/or a passion for, adventure therapy to interact with the facilitators and each other to enrich their approach as leaders of groups that use adventure for therapeutic purposes.

“When a student participates voluntarily, is intrinsically motivated, and experiences a sense of uncertainty about the outcome, he or she is, by definition, having an adventure” (Priest and Gass, 1997).

Although the term “adventure” is likely to conjure up images of Indiana Jones or something from the pages of National Geographic, participants don’t have to chase after lost treasures, or venture halfway around the globe in order to have an adventure. In this presentation we will focus on the fundamentals of adventure-based learning, including:

  • Engagement and Fun. In order for learning to take place, it must be meaningful, stimulating, and personally rewarding.

  • Intentional. Growth is change. In order for growth to take place, participants must be willing to stretch their comfort zones by taking healthy physical, intellectual, and emotional risks

  • Relationship Centered. Every situation offers participants a chance to build strong relationships. In order to take healthy risks, participants must feel physically and emotionally safe and supported.

Learning Objectives:

  • Introduce the essential components of meaningful adventure facilitation.

  • Highlight several current theories, and how they are utilized within adventure facilitation.

  • Explore considerations for individual differences and group dynamics, and the role of the facilitator, as it pertains to individuals and groups.

  • Provide the tools and framework for safe, fun and meaningful adventure facilitation.

  • Take the lessens to the mountain. We will climb a peak and test the techniques presented. Together we will examine the unique personal and group learning experiences.

Wilderness Therapy Symposium Presenters, Derek Daley and Dr. Brett Talbot

Derek Daley and Dr. Brett Talbot have extensive experience as presenters and development team, having facilitated numerous workshops together. They both share a passion in working with groups, adventure therapy, hiking in nature and program development.

Interested in learning more about facilitating therapeutic adventures?

Join Derek Daley and Dr. Brett Talbot for the Summit Dance Presentation at the Wilderness Therapy Symposium.   Park City, Aug. 26th 2017

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