San Diego Cityscape Adventure

In collaboration with Alex Zemeckis and The Grounds, we are excited to bring Legacy Cityscape Adventures to San Diego.

The primary goal for Legacy Cityscape Adventures is to bring together the public, industry leaders, and professionals from around the country to discuss and experience the influencing power of Outdoor Behavioral Health / Wilderness Therapy (OBH).

OBH heals, inspires and changes lives. We want to raise awareness of the benefits, and demystify some of the misconceptions about OBH. Join us for an adventure and experience first hand the therapeutic power of OBH.

Join us in

San Diego 

October 12th 

8:45 AM - 2 hour Kayak Tour

11:15 AM - Lunch

1:00 PM - Tour of the Grounds 

The 2 hour kayak tour starts at 9:00am. Lunch/brunch will we served in the La Jolla shores beach park at 11:00am. This is a 2 block walk from the kayak shop.  Following Lunch there will be a tour of the Grounds. 

Facilitators & hosts

Alex Zemeckis

Alex is a passionate advocate of Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare and truly understands the importance OBH throughout his career of owning & operating an aftercare facility for young adult males in San Diego, CA. He has seen the results first hand of OBH treatment when young adult clients enroll into his facility directly from state of the art outdoor programs such as Legacy Outdoor Adventures.

Kalon Wright ASW, MSW, SUDC Clinical Outreach Legacy Outdoor Adventures & Juniper Canyon Recovery Center

Kalon is a veteran in the field of OBH with more than a decade of experience in the field, program development, outreach and as a clinician. Kalon was instrumental in establishing the collegiate recovery program at the University of Utah and is passionate about helping people find a path to recovery. Kalon is a skilled clinician who is now living in the Bay area, where he continues his work in clinical outreach and as a therapist.

"We are on a mission to connect people to the healing power of nature and to educate on the current trends in Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare and why you need to know about them." - Derek Daley   

A co-founder of Legacy Outdoor Adventures, Legacy Treatment Center, and Juniper Canyon Recovery Center, Derek Daley has become a national voice for taking therapy off the couch and into the outdoor environment. Join Derek and clinical outreach specialist Kalon Wright for an adventure in the city and discover for yourself the true power of OBH.   

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