Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare Accredited

Legacy Outdoor Adventures is honored to be one of the first Accredited Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare Residential Treatment Centers in the country. #adventuretherapy #wildernesstherapy #addictiontreatment#recovery

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Legacy Outdoor Adventures, OBH Accredited

OBH accreditation from AEE represents another milestone in a rapidly evolving field. AEE OBH accreditation is the standard by which wilderness and outdoor adventure treatment programs are measured.

Legacy is recognized as one of the most comprehensive and successful treatment centers in the Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare industry.

Benefits for families considering an OBH program

  • AEE OBH Accreditation provides impartial validation that the program meets or exceeds standards that have been developed exclusively for outdoor behavioral healthcare programs.

  • AEE OBH Accredited programs have demonstrated that they operate above industry standards of ethical care, treatment evaluation, and risk-management practices.

  • AEE OBH Accreditation is solid evidence of a program’s commitment to quality and adherence to professional standards.

Benefits for programs that attain AEE OBH Accreditation

  • Gain valuable insight and perspective from leaders in outdoor behavioral healthcare

  • Improve all aspects of the program through rigorous internal and impartial external review

  • Distinguishing the program in a growing field

Lastly, the OBH Council believed that it was essential to have AEE own and manage this accreditation independent from the Council. This ensures a level of separation and accountability that is essential to the integrity of accreditation.

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