Our Approach to Care: We take an intentional approach to recovery, healing and life success.

Our Approach to Care: At Legacy Outdoor Adventures, we take an intentional approach to recovery, healing and life success.

1.Utilizing the power of the wilderness to help restore health to clients’ bodies and minds.

2.Asses individual needs and listen to concerns to establish meaningful goals for recovery.

3.Support client’s health and recovery by offering an environment of care.

4.A course area and length of stay thoughtfully paired to create the space for clients to fully emerge in the recovery process.

5.Our licensed and experienced team has valuable training and experience to maximize the therapeutic process and support an environment of trust and care.

6.Communication characterized by a relationship-centered approach in which the client and treatment team form a partnership to help promote health and recovery.

7.All staff are OBH professionals trained to carefully listen to concerns and assist in developing life success strategies specific to client needs.

8.Parent and professional collaboration is essential to providing quality care and to determine the best treatment approaches for individual clients.

9. Creating personal sustainability through exercises and self-care techniques to empower clients to take control of their own health and recovery to support lifelong success

10. Recovery one adventure at a time. We understand that the road to recovery will likely be long. Count on us to get you through every step of the way with individualized care and unforgettable adventures lead by guides who understand the journey.

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Legacy programs are highly respected by the Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare Council (OBH) as well as other leaders in mental and behavioral healthcare. 



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