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It was an honor to present & share our passion with the next generation of mental health professionals NYU Counseling @New York University we look forward to our next visit. #RXoffthecouch #WildernessTherapy #LegacyOutdoorAdventures #SummitAchievement #JuniperCanyon

Derek Daley and Will White sharing wilderness therapy completion percentages at NYU

OBH has a 93 % completion rate vs 37 % TAU.

Given the high rate of treatment completion, OBH/Wilderness Therapy can be as little as 25% the cost of treatment as usual.

#RXoffthecouch Join The Movement with Daniel Rogers at NYU

Over 90 peer reviewed journal articles in last 6 years from Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare demonstrate the effectiveness of Wilderness Therapy across a broad spectrum of clientiel.

Answering the question: Does Wilderness Therapy Work

Wilderness Therapy / OBH Accomplishments

●Insurance billing code

●Senate health care bill

●Validated through peer-reviewed research.

●Extensive research database

●Reimbursement for OBH programing

●Stringent risk management

●Rigorous quality control

●Recognized by American Hospital Association (AHA)

●Strong alliances with progressive behavioral healthcare movements

●High percentages of treatment completions

●Demonstration of cost effectiveness

●Validation through state and federal regulation

●In the media

Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare (OBH) is the prescriptive use of wilderness experiences provided by mental health professionals to meet the therapeutic needs of clients

Gass, Gillis, & Russell, 2012


Legacy programs are highly respected by the Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare Council (OBH) as well as other leaders in mental and behavioral healthcare. 



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