New York: Professional Workshop Series

In collaboration with Summit Achievement, Legacy looks forward to sharing our passion for adventure and taking therapy off the couch with friends and colleagues at the New York Center For Living and New York University. 

Join us at the upcoming Professionals Workshop Series. 

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Join us at

New York Center for Living

Neil Harman Participating in a Legacy Cityscape Adventures
Neil Harman Participating in a Legacy Cityscape Adventures

9:30 AM  Thursday, December 13th

226 East 52nd Street New York, NY 10022 A LIGHT BREAKFAST WILL BE SERVED 2 CEU's are offered for LMSW/LCSW & CASAC's for FREE

New York University

2:00 - 3:30 PM  Thursday, December 13th

Legacy Outdoor Adventure & Juniper Canyon Recovery
Legacy Outdoor Adventure & Juniper Canyon Recovery

Room 806W  NYU Kimball Hall 246 Greene Street, New York, NY 10003

Derek Daley, SUDC Co-Founder and Owner Legacy Outdoor Adventures and Juniper Canyon

"We are on a mission to connect people to the healing power of nature and to educate on the current trends in Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare and why you need to know about them." - Derek Daley  

Derek Daley has become a national voice for taking therapy off the couch and into the outdoor environment. Join Derek and Will for an adventure in the city and discover for yourself the innate power of the nature based experience.   

Will White Summit Achievement
Will White Summit Achievement

Will White,  Co-Founder and Owner of Summit Achievement Summit Achievement has been operating since 1996 as a licensed adolescent residential treatment program. Will completed his MSW degree in 1987 and his Doctorate of Arts (D.A.) in leadership in 2011. His dissertation traced the evolution of wilderness therapy through critical leaders and incidents and is titled, Stories from the Elders: Chronicles and Narratives from the Early Years of Wilderness Therapy. Will wrote the history chapter in the book, Adventure Therapy: Theory, Practice, and Research, by Gass, Gillis, and Russell. Will also wrote, Stories from the Field: A History of Wilderness Therapy and is the host of the podcast, Stories from the Field: Demystifying Wilderness Therapy

Daniel Rogers, New York, Wilderness Therapy
Daniel Rogers

For more information please contact: Daniel Rogers

Daniel Rogers is currently a Masters student at NYU pursuing a degree in Mental Health Counseling. He is a passionate advocate for recovery, working to connect individuals with healthier ways of being as well as a sense of purpose. As a former client of Legacy Outdoor Adventures, Daniel is passionate about finding ways to have fun in recovery, to form healthy relationships, and to smile along the way. He is a big believer in the curative force associated with time spent in nature and often prescribes himself time outside to unwind, relax, and disconnect. "Through the power of wilderness and relationships we heal, inspire and change live and I seek to share this power" -Daniel

Research supports taking treatment outside.

#prescribeoutside #RXoffthecouch

New studies and research continue to reveal the psychological benefits of nature, wilderness, and adventure experiences. All of the research points to the fact that the closer we are to nature, the more we heal, rejuvenate, connect to inspiration and our potential.  Following treatment, our graduates return to cities across the country and we want to encourage and inspire our clients and the professionals they work with to find adventure wherever they may be.

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