NATSAP board makes it clear to consumers that not all programs are alike

Updated: Oct 23, 2019

Through the Research Designated Program Endorsement

More than a decade ago, the Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare Council and the National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs started a national outcomes study that is still functioning today. The Research Designated Program (RDP) endorsement is awarded to programs that demonstrate a commitment to research through using normed and valid outcomes measures at admission, discharge and up to 12 months post discharge. There are three RDP levels, the highest of which is Gold.


Here is how it’s broken down:

Bronze = 70% of Admit census sampled using a normed and valid measure

Silver = Bronze + 70% of discharge data

Gold = Silver + 25% of 6 & 12 most post discharge data

Legacy RDP status was just reviewed and here is a breakdown of our percentages for the last 6 months:

Legacy Outdoor Adventures NATSAP RDP Status update (Gold Seal)

In addition to meeting the gold standard, legacy also collects weekly client progress data that are used to guide the treatment process. Collecting progress data and sharing results with clients is proven to increase the magnitude of changes and shorten the length of treatment compared to treatment as usual.

Just to brag a little...we also have really strong outcomes. See screenshot below...

IT’S ABOUT RESULTS. We are delivering top level results. We are confident that we are securing some of the most notable outcomes in the field today.

Description of Data

Outcome questionnaires are administered at admission, weekly during treatment, and 6 months and 1 year post-discharge. As you can see on the graph:

  • Clients enter treatment in the clinical distress range

  • By week 3 clients are experiencing notable clinical improvement

  • At discharge clients are back in normal functioning range, demonstrating clinically significant improvement.

  • Clinically significant treatment gains are maintained 6 and 12 months post treatment.

“When clients, parents, and the treatment team have the right information to make decisions, clients excel.” -Corinne Jensen Legacy Research Coordinator.

Corinne Jensen is the Research Director at Legacy. She builds strong relationships with the clients and educates on the purpose and value of the outcome studies. Her approach has had a significant impact on the success of our data collection.

Mike Gass, Derek Daley, Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare, OBH Research, Wilderness Therapy, Adventure Therapy, UNH, Washington DC,
Dr. Mike Gass and Derek Daley travel to the Capitol to advocate for Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare practice and research.

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