Moving beyond tracking outcomes by tracking client progress during treatment.

“Tracking client progress during treatment and routinely reviewing the results with the clients is proven to improve outcomes." -Mike Petree

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October, 2019

Utilizing routine outcome monitoring through the OQ45.2  enables us to improve treatment outcomes, track progress, identify at-risk cases, and ultimately provide true evidence-based and feedback informed treatment.


In addition to using the OQ45.2,  we utilize the Remote Research Director Dashboard, which allows us to provide our clinicians with information along with problem-solving tools to assist them in improving treatment with real-time response. Tracking weekly progress allows our team to see client distress levels in relation to their personal baseline and also in comparison to normative groups benchmarked against other normative groups (i.e. inpatient, outpatient, etc.). Subsequently, our reports track improvement or deterioration, highlight critical items, and provide an alert status of therapeutic progress.


Utilizing OQ measures in this way is recognized as the gold standard in outcome tracking methodology for measuring and evaluating client progress in both mental and behavioral health therapy progress.  

Recently the NATSAP board made a decision to make it clear to consumers that not all programs are alike.  To this end, they established the new status of Research Designated Program (RDP). Legacy Outdoor Adventures was honored to be among the first programs recognized with the RDP gold seal for  successful efforts in tracking client outcomes. 


OQ instruments are founded on 35 years of research and writing guided by Dr’s. Burlingame & Michael Lambert, world-renowned experts in assessing outcomes associated with mental health treatments. 

Legacy Outdoor Adventures Evidence Based Addiction Treatment

What does this graph say?

  • Clients enter Legacy in high clinical distress

  • Clients see notable gains by Week 3

  • We measure progress weekly during treatment

  • Clients graduate in normal function range and well below clinical cutoff

  • Clients maintain clinically significant treatment gains at 6-month and 12-month post treatment

Joint Commision Accredited, Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare Accredited, NATSAP Research Designated Program

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Legacy programs are highly respected by the Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare Council (OBH) as well as other leaders in mental and behavioral healthcare. 



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