Lily Wilkinson joins the team!

Lily Wilkinson, Wilderness Therapy, Legacy Outdoor Adventures
Lily & Gus

Lily will be joining the business development and admissions teams.

Originally from Connecticut, Lily moved to the West in 2010. She graduated from the University of Colorado in 2015 with a degree in Gender Studies and Anthropology. In school, she took advantage of studying abroad in Tanzania where she connected with the people and the culture so much that she returned in 2017 to work with service projects aimed at women's empowerment and mental health.

After graduating, Lily accepted the position as Program Director of CU Collegiate Recovery Program (CUCRC). There she worked to establish and expand the program, working directly with students in recovery from addiction and other mental health challenges.

Since then, Lily has continued to work supporting young adults in treatment. She is passionate about helping young people and their families find the help and support they need.

Lily is no stranger to the outdoors or the incredible impact that wilderness therapy can have. As an 18-year-old, Lily went to a young adult wilderness program where she experienced first-hand the healing power of adventure.

Lily loves getting outside in her free time. In addition to hiking, camping, and skiing, she’s also a yoga/Pilates instructor, and enjoys travel, her dog, and being with friends and family.

We’re excited to welcome Lily to the team and to apply her passion for helping young adults and their families.

You can reach Lily directly at

"I have experienced first-hand the beauty and magic of  wilderness therapy and the truly life changing opportunity it provides.  I look forward to sharing my passion and experiences with the families and professionals I work with."  Lily Wilkinson

Lily Wilkinson Juniper Canyon Recovery For Women

Lily Wilkinson and kimberly Mlinarik- Women's Retreat
2018 Women's Retreat

Lily Wilkinson Juniper Canyon Recovery Center For Women
Lily Wilkinson Juniper Canyon Recovery Center For Women

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