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Legacy Outdoor Adventures & Juniper Canyon Launch New Online Family Program

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

Legacy Outdoor Adventures for men and Juniper Canyon Recovery Center for Women have launched a brand new and updated family program. Due to restrictions on campus visitors and travel, regularly scheduled, in-person family workshops and programming are temporarily halted, however the new platform available online has made it possible for parents and other loved ones to continue to engage in the therapeutic process.

The platform allows for psychoeducation in the form of live webinars, group learning and processing between parents and families of current clients, and also for individual family therapy through video chatting.  

The webinars and subsequent videos are all created and led by clinical directors Troy Faddis and Dr. Maddy Liebing. Recent topics have included: Parenting with a Heart at Peace, Leading a Sober Lifestyle, Choosing Appropriate Aftercare, and Changing Communication with Adult Children. After the live webinar, recordings are made available for families to access at their leisure.

While Legacy and Juniper Canyon remain confident in their ability to host in-person family workshops again as soon as is safely possible, the online program is here to stay. It allows for more flexibility and engagement from families as they support clients in their individual journeys.

About Legacy Outdoor Adventures and Juniper Canyon Recovery Center for Women

Legacy Outdoor Adventures is located in Loa, UT. Legacy Outdoor Adventures is an adventure therapy program for young men ages 18 and up.  Legacy is licensed as both an Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare Program and a Residential Treatment Center. Together with the women’s program, Juniper Canyon Recovery Center for Women, Legacy is the premier wilderness recovery program for adults.

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Legacy programs are highly respected by the Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare Council (OBH) as well as other leaders in mental and behavioral healthcare. 



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