Legacy Outdoor Adventures 2019 Clean and Sober Softball World Champions.

Each year teams from around the country travel to Las Vegas to compete in the CSNSA Wold Series hosted by the Clean and Sober Nation Softball Association. The mission of the CSNSA is "To continue to foster unity across the United States among clean and sober softball players."

This was the first year that Legacy Outdoor Adventures has competed in the Sober Softball Worlds tournament. Represented by an incredible group of men who competed with honor and integrity. The team led by Legacy alumni finished the tournament undefeated. In the championship game they competed against a talented California team and a came out on top winning 19 to 9.

The unity and support demonstrated by each team was was inspiring. On Saturday night all the teams gathered to share stories and experiences Clean & Sober softball, followed by a sobriety countdown total 7,500 years of recovery. After each game opposing teams circle up in the middle of the field to recite the serenity prayer and celebrate one of the tournaments central messages "that it's possible to have fun while staying clean and sober.”

We are proud of them, not only for the win, but for all the hard work they put into their recovery. -Derek Daley

“My favorite moment was walking into Big League of Dreams on Friday and feeling so blessed that there were so many clean and sober people that made it out to this event.”-Beau D

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