Legacy aids congress at the 2018 National Opioid Summit in Washington D.C.

Legacy's Co-Founder, Derek Daley, has taken an active stance to mitigate against the deleterious impacts associated with opiate use in the United States. On May 14th, 2018 Derek worked with policymakers and mental health professional in Washington D.C, collaborating on an effective systematic change to halt this deadly outbreak. The proposed changes involve e-prescribing for controlled substances and a national prescription drug monitoring program (PDMP). Derek is both passionate and motivated to stop this epidemic, continuing to work with professionals and policymakers to formulate a new congressional bill.

Legacy agenda:

Initiatives to combat this epidemic include...

  1. Drafting a congressional bill 

  2. Community based education 

  3. Early Intervention 

  4. Guiding individuals with substance use disorders/mental health illnesses on a journey to identify purpose and meaning in their lives. 

  5. Encouraging our alumni to be of service, and to take an active role in their communities.  

  6. Stopping the predatory practices of fake rehab and addiction review sites. Please click below to learn more about the 2018 Summit on Opioid Crisis Solutions

Opioid Crisis Solutions

Legacy is committed to advancing the field through best practices, effective treatment, and evidence-based research.  

For more information about our programs or for upcoming events near you call Daniel Rogers at (516) 524-4869 or click here

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