Key 7. Family Therapy

Key 7. Family Therapy

  • Family therapy is currently the strongest indicator of success in recovery for young adult males.

  • Understanding and dealing with family issues and problems, increasing emotional security among family members, and a healthy parent child relationship are important in recovery.

  • Secure relationships allow family to be the ultimate support community.

  • Healthy boundaries give structure and motivation to the young adult to stay in recovery and to make a change into adulthood.

  • Continued family support into adulthood is an important component of long term recovery.

Family therapy at Legacy plays an invaluable role in each client. A family member’s addiction usually has a profound effect on the family dynamic for the individual and the unit as a whole. Conversely, this also implies the impact that family members can have on the underlying issues that caused their loved one’s substance abuse and subsequent addiction in the first place. At Legacy, we believe that just as families can feel bruised and broken because of a loved one facing addiction, so they can be healed and strengthened too. Issues associated with addiction and the family are addressed to help bring immediate healing within the family unit. Legacy Outdoor Adventures is aware of the importance of treating the whole person suffering from drug and alcohol addiction. To do that, it is imperative that the family participate, whenever possible, in the client’s treatment such as Legacy’s family workshop. Legacy believes that a collaborative relationship can be formed between professionals and families, whereby family members are made aware of assessment and treatment findings and therefore are better prepared and able to develop realistic expectations for recovery. Families also learn about, approaches emerging trends. At the same time, Legacy’s treatment team learns about the families' strengths and weaknesses and unique experiences. Families participate in therapy directly and often benefit as much as the client enrolled in the program, as it enhances the family's ability to work through conflicts together.

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Family Therapy

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