Key 4. Self Efficacy

Key 4. Self Efficacy

  • Developing the skills to make healthy choices, and taking positive action, will counter balance our cravings, and tendency toward unhealthy behaviors and substances.

  • Focusing on our strengths and gifts is more important than working on our limitations. Change is hard. We are more successful when we rely on our strengths.

Legacy works with each client to enhance and expand understanding of Self-efficacy. We set challenging but achievable goals and together with the client we measure their achievements and complete weekly tasks designed to reach specific individualized goals. The concept of self-efficacy lies at the center of much of the Legacy approach and we emphasize the role of observational learning, social experience, and reciprocal determinism in the development of each client’s life success plan. We work to raise or establish client’s self-esteem, self-awareness and mindfulness abilities in several ways, noting various paths to the development of self-efficacy. We engage clients in exercises of self-concept and self-reflection, including awareness and meditation activities that assist clients by putting them back into the driver’s seat of their life’s path. The treatment team works with clients determining the beliefs each client holds regarding their power to affect situations, we are thus strongly influencing both the power the client actually has to face challenges competently and the choices the client is most likely to make. These effects are particularly apparent, and compelling, with regard to behaviors affecting addiction. Understanding how to foster the development of self-efficacy is important for every member of the Legacy treatment team including the client and their family. By developing our self-efficacy we are able to build happier, more productive lives.

Key 4. Self Efficacy

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