Key 1. Have A Purpose

Key 1. Have a purpose

  • To achieve and maintain recovery, we need to have a powerful reason/desire in our pro-active thinking fore-brain, to overcome the knee jerk reactiveness of our more basic mid-brain.

  • Many have found that a spiritual connection to the universe around them answers this need.

At Legacy Outdoor Adventures the treatment teams works alongside clients to help identify meaning that fits their value system. During the transition from addiction to recovery, each client is invited and challenged to find ways to draw life meaning and purpose from the addiction and recovery experiences, finding new prescriptions for daily living, and generate hope for the future. Legacy Outdoor Adventure believes that Nature is the ideal place to find this healing and to rediscover one's purpose and meaning. We admire gnarled old trees that grow on lofty peaks or wind-blown canyon walls their twisted limbs and weathered bark paint a picture of courage and aspiration that teaches us that although we are unique, we are also connected to something greater than ourselves. Our clients are often bogged down by social pressures, technology distractions, and addictions. By working with our clients to help identify and articulate their purpose we provide our clients the opportunity to appreciate a grander sense of the world, fascinating and meaningful.

"I believe that there is a subtle magnetism in Nature, which, if we unconsciously yield to it, will direct us aright." Henry David Thoreau

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Have a purpose

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