Integrating Opportunities for Efficacy: The importance of roles and responsibilities.

This video was taken at the 2015 Wilderness Therapy Symposium in Park City Utah. .

Workshop Title: Mountain biking and Integrating Opportunities for Efficacy: The Importance of Roles and Responsibilities

Description of Presentation/Workshop:

In this presentation Derek and Brett invite participants to accept a role in facilitating a safe, fun and meaningful Mountain Biking adventure. Each adventure role will have clearly communicated responsibilities essential to the successful of the adventure. We will explore the relationship between adventure facilitators and clients and how this relationship can help or hinder client ownership in the adventure and overall experience. With the opportunity to put theory into practice participants will learn how to effectively facilitate an adventure where client engagement and success is immanent. This presentation is great way to learn effective ways to plan, execute, and debrief meaningful adventure activities.

Why this presentation/workshop is of value to the wilderness therapy?

Creating truly effective client engagement and successful leadership supports employee and client performance, development and success and also takes intention, vision and effort. Having engaged and informed clients, guides and mentors will ultimately see the result of higher participation rates, increased investment, and better quality performance management. Clarifying expectations and facilitating experiences where clients take ownership of the struggle, reward, and most importantly the successes, is a great way to promote self-efficacy.

Bio: In 2011, Derek co-founded Legacy Outdoor Adventures and is currently the acting program director. He consistently finds ways to cultivate opportunities and inspire those around him. As founder of the Loa Fund and "You Are Awesome" campaign, he shares his passion for building positive culture, sharing awesomeness, and giving back to the world. Since 2001, he has specialized in program improvement, including meaningful efforts with Redcliff Ascent, Aspen Achievement Academy, Open Sky, and now, at Legacy Outdoor Adventures.

Bio: Dr. Brett Talbot, PhD is the Director of Psychological Services at Provo Canyon School (PCS), a psychiatric residential treatment center for youth. Prior to PCS Dr. Talbot was an Executive Clinical Director for a group practice of 11 residential and outpatient centers. Brett’s fun and ‘easy to talk to’ personality, unique skill set, and his dedication to positive youth development and treatment led to his current position.

At Provo Canyon School Brett is the chairman of the Program Development Committee and specializes in working with youth who are requiring specialized services (e.g. Stabilization, Testing/Assessment, substance abuse programming, Neuro/bio-feedback, etc.). He has a track record of identifying diagnosis/treatment issues and working with treatment teams in creating meaningful treatment plans and individualized interventions that optimize the youth’s commitment to meaningful and long-lasting change. Brett also specializes in adolescent treatment issues (e.g. adjustment, mood disorders, anxiety, conduct issues, ADHD, substance use, eating disorders, family issues, etc.), older adolescent and young adult issues, leadership training, and testing/assessments.

Brett's research has focused on program design for adolescent treatment programs, emphasizing the effective integration of the family into treatment; and family functioning related to adolescent and young adult health risk behaviors. Brett also has experience in several areas having spent time in settings such as Baylor College of Medicine/Texas Children's Hospital Adolescent Department, Latin Youth Project, DeBakey VA Hospital, Behavioral Consultants/Methodist Hospital, UH and UVU College Counseling Centers.

Brett is a faculty member at Utah Valley University teaching Behavioral Science courses (i.e. psychology, social work, etc.), and continues to teach 1-2 classes each semester. Brett is an avid outdoorsman, enjoying hiking, camping, backpacking, fly fishing, and anything that gets him out into nature. Brett is married and has 3 children.

*Legacy Outdoor Adventure will provide all bike rentals. All participants will need to sign the Canyons Bike rental waiver agreement.

When we talk about Jobs- we are talking about purpose.

A recent article in The Harvard Business Review on team dynamics found that successful collaboration was better on teams when roles were clearly defined. They found that defining individual roles impacted success more than spelling out the group’s approach.

The author noted, “Without such clarity, team members are likely to waste energy negotiating roles or protecting turf, rather than focusing on the task.”

We can carry this idea over to our clients in regards to daily tasks. By clearly defining roles from the start we ensure continued success by informing clients of exactly how success will be determined and measured

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