Governor Herbert embraces Wilderness Therapy

Legacy Outdoor Adventures Co-Founder Derek Daley worked collaboratively with the Governor's Office Of Economic Development (GOED) to shine a light on the economic importance of wilderness therapy in the state of Utah and the value of taking therapy off the couch and outside. #RXoffthecouch

Governor Gary Herbert Speech - Wilderness Therapy Symposium

"Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare

On behalf of the Great State of Utah, I’d like to welcome all of you and the 2014 Wilderness Therapy Symposium to our beautiful Park City. We are honored the Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare Council chose Utah to host its 11th annual conference.

As you are well aware, Utah has a long history of collaboration with wilderness-therapy practitioners and programs that provide life-saving services to families from around the world. With this in mind, I want to recognize and formally thank you for the incredible work your therapeutic community performs in this state.

Each day, more than 80 therapeutic programs--spanning from St. George to Ogden--work amid Utah's iconic beauty to help heal, rejuvenate, and inspire more than 2000 adolescents and young adults. These programs, and the caring professionals they comprise, exemplify the best of our state. They are also an important and ever-increasing part of the Utah economy, bringing much-needed professional jobs to our rural communities.

Thank you for your willingness to collaborate with Utah's state agencies. Our combined efforts have led to comprehensive standards of safety and client care that are admired and replicated throughout the West. Implemented by our Department of Licensing, these regulations support responsible businesses, and most importantly--as research shows--keep program participants safer than they would be in their own homes.

We as Utahns recognize the value in using our public lands as a setting for healing and personal growth, so we appreciate deeply your important work. We also recognize the importance of the Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare Council's continuous pursuit of improvement through evidence-based research.

Again, thank you for your efforts and for hosting this year's Symposium in Utah. I invite you to return year after year, as we continue to work together to strengthen wilderness therapy and expand its availability to young people and families in need.

Have a great weekend!"

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