CHICAGO Cityscape Adventure

Legacy Outdoor Adventures and Juniper Canyon Recovery In collaboration with EDGE Learning & Wellness Collegiate Community and Adventure Works, are bringing Legacy Cityscape Adventures to Chicago.

Chicago Cityscape Adventure

The primary goal for Legacy Cityscape Adventures is to bring together the public, industry leaders, and professionals from around the country to discuss and experience the influencing power of Outdoor Behavioral Health / Wilderness Therapy (OBH).

OBH heals, inspires and changes lives. We want to raise awareness of the benefits, and demystify some of the misconceptions about OBH. Join us for an adventure and experience first hand the therapeutic power of OBH.


9:45- Meet at Grand Sheraton Lobby

10:00- Adventure preparation

10:30- Maggie Daley Park

11:30- Debrief Adventure

12:00- Sponsored Lunch


Derek Daley, SUDC Co-founder, Legacy Outdoor Adventures, and Juniper Canyon Recovery Center,

John Conway, LCSW, CADC Business Development & Admissions edgelearningcommunity

Lynette Spencer, LCSW Executive Director, Adventure Works, and Co-Owner, Action Consulting and Therapy

"With Legacy cityscape adventures we are on a mission to connect people to the healing power of nature and to educate on the current trends in Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare" -Derek Daley

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Legacy programs are highly respected by the Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare Council (OBH) as well as other leaders in mental and behavioral healthcare. 



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