"Addiction is a potentially fatal illness but is also eminently recoverable."  Dr. Kevin McCauley

Updated: Oct 25, 2019

It is always a memorable experience when Dr. McCauley visits. His presentations educate and inspire.

Legacy was honored to welcome back Kevin McCauley, MD. Kevin is co-founder of the Institute on Addiction Study and an internationally recognized advocate for those suffering from the disease of addiction. Kevin is a graduate of the Medical College of Pennsylvania. He was a Naval flight surgeon with the Blue Angels and treated pilots with alcohol and drug problems.

Gil Hallows, Kevin McCauley, Derek Daley, Addiction treatment, Wilderness Therapy, Memo to self, Pleasure Unwoven,
Gil Hallows, Kevin McCauley, Derek Daley

Thank you, Dr. McCauley for your dedication, passion and advocacy for effective substance use disorder treatment, and taking the time to share your knowledge with all of us here at Legacy Outdoor Adventures.

Dr. McCauley has written and directed two films: Pleasure Unwoven, about the neuroscience of addiction, and Memo to Self, about recovery management in commercial airline pilots and other professionals with substance use disorders. Pleasure Unwoven won the 2010 Michael Q. Ford Award for Journalism from the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers.

Legacy therapists David Wieder and Bobby Smith leading Dr. Kevin McCauley and his family on a canyoneering trip near Capitol Reef National Park.

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