Legacy Outdoor Adventures Way of Being

The Legacy Outdoor Adventure core philosophy is based on a way of conducting one's life we call a "Way of being".  At the center of this way of being is having a "Heart at Peace,"  which means seeing people as people and not objects.  Rounding out our way of being are "Honorable Adulthood, Recovery, Self-awareness, and Healthy Relationships."  Members of the Legacy treatment team embrace this way of being in their personal lives and teach and model it for our clients.



All of the owners of Legacy Outdoor Adventures are involved in its daily operation.  All management decisions are made by the people who work at the program. We are guided by our commitment to providing the best care to our clients and supporting the personal growth and job satisfaction of the members of our team.  Legacy attracts employees who embrace our vision.


Our mission is "To provide the most effective residential treatment and  wilderness therapy by creating the most engaged team of professionals in the field." Our culture is characterized by the core values of integrity, compassion,  personal growth, and having a “Heart at Peace.”  Legacy’s small size allows a high degree of responsiveness to client and family needs as well as personal oversight of quality of care and safety.


From our inception we have been guided by the belief that effective research can improve outcomes and inform performance improvement.  We collect data on our clients weekly to monitor progress and for a year after discharge to gauge long-term effectiveness.  We collect data to improve risk management.  We contribute outcome data to the OBH Center and NATSAP data bases to be used in conducting research on treatment effectiveness and other topics  by professional researchers in the field.  


Legacy Outdoor Adventure's guiding principles include seeing recovery as a way of being, taking a strength-based approach to treatment, fostering individual agency, modeling honorable adulthood and acknowledging the importance of the family.  These principles guide our approach to therapy and all programming and management decisions at Legacy.


We treat addiction as a disease that impacts the brain's ability to accurately weigh risk and reward and make good decisions.  Many of our clients may not be fully addicted, but are exhibiting addictive behaviors and are on track to become addicts.  Affective treatment can reverse that process and set in motion a healthy fulfilling life in recovery.


Legacy Outdoor Adventure is at the cutting edge of incorporating Adventure Therapy into the treatment experience and looking at the ways to maximize its effectiveness. We utilize fun and meaningful adventures to engage clients in their own treatment experience.  Therapeutic adventure often appeals to clients who are less responsive to traditional psychotherapeutic interventions, leading to greater investment in the program and better outcomes for clients.


Legacy Outdoor Adventures’ intended outcomes are to have our clients adopt and follow a way of being characterized by having a heart at peace, becoming an honorable man, choosing recovery as a life-style, engaging in only healthy relationships, and practicing self-awareness.  All Legacy activities and curriculum are selected to support the growth and development of our clients' path toward this way of being.


Legacy's approach to holistic healing takes into account the whole person,looking at mental, social, emotional and spiritual factors, and physical health rather than simply treating the presenting symptoms.



Legacy regards every young man who enters our program as having within himself the potential to become an honorable and responsible adult.  We guide each client on his personal journey of self-discovery to identify the honorable man he is at his core, and lead him through the process of acquiring the mindset and developing a plan to make that transition to responsible adulthood.  
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