Legacy Outdoor Adventures 

Legacy Outdoor Adventures for Men is a

treatment center programs for adults 18 - 35.  We use a unique blend of treatment center programming, adventure therapy, and wilderness to support us in guiding clients on a journey of self-discovery, healthy recovery, and personal growth.

Juniper Canyon Recover for Women

Juniper Canyon is hybrid treatment center which combines nature and wilderness therapy with a Residential Treatment Center to help women recover from substance abuse, trauma, and mental health issues.  It is clinically rich and designed to resonate with the unique way women view the world and themselves. Licensed as an Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare Program and a Residential Treatment Center, Juniper Canyon leverages the best of both worlds to provide a “one of a kind” experience for women.  

Legacy Treatment Center

Industry experts and research assert that the program type that is most likely to help individuals maintain long-term recovery is residential treatment.  As a Licensed Residential Treatment Center Legacy offers 24-hour structured and intensive care, including safe housing and medical attention.

Summit House Transition

Legacy Outdoor Adventures’ intended outcomes are to have our clients adopt and follow a “way of being” characterized by having a heart at peace, becoming an honorable man, choosing recovery as a life-style, and practicing self-awareness.  All Legacy activities and curriculum are selected to support the growth and development of our clients toward this way of being.


Legacy holistic treatment approach is designed to treat the whole person, taking into account mental and social factors rather than just the physical or reported symptoms. Legacy’s comprehensive programing incorporates cognitive, affective (social & emotional), and physical and psychomotor learning.


Staying connected is an integral part in staying sober. Legacy's Alumni program is set up to honor the work our clients do after their time with us, help with follow through on aftercare goals, and creating multi-generational connections of Legacy clients to provide engagement in their local recovery community.