Jack Huther


I grew up in Michigan exploring the woods behind my house with my three older brothers.  I am sure this was the start of my desire to find healing in the wilderness began.  I attended Indiana University and studied English Education.  I worked for AmeriCorps in the Taos, NM school system.


I have been an outdoor educator for 10 years.  I worked at Aspen Achievement Academy for almost 5 years where I worked with at risk-youth in south central Utah.  I have currently worked at Legacy Outdoor Adventures for the past 4 years as a Mentor field guide. I enjoy teaching, educating, and mentoring young men to change their lives.  And there is no better way than to use wilderness adventure therapy.  While living in Utah, I have explored many canyons, rivers, mountains, and ancient ruins.  I am amazed at the vast beauty and wonderment that Utah has to offer.


My passions and interests include:  guitar, organic farming, canyoneering, bike touring, fishing, and exploring.  I just finished a 3200 mile bike trip last summer from Alaska to Washington.  Working out in the wilderness, with the people I get to be with, doing the things we do, and going the places we go has been amazingly good for my soul. I have grown exponentially because of the experience

The Legacy Team

The founders and leadership team of Legacy Outdoor Adventures bring together accomplishments and experience across the full spectrum of wilderness therapy.  Members of the team, led by Gil Hallows, Executive Director, and including Troy Faddis, Clinical Director, Ray Barlow, Admissions Director, and Derek Daley, marketing/admissions, have had a profound impact in defining the field of wilderness therapy.  Team members have played major roles developing effective wilderness programming, establishing risk management and clinical best practices, refining substance abuse treatment in the wilderness, and setting the standard for training professional field instructors and wilderness therapists.