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Honorable Adulthood

Legacy Treatment Center  


Legacy Outdoor Adventures for Men and Juniper Canyon Recovery Center for Women 

Legacy Outdoor Adventures & Juniper Canyon Recovery Center for Women are premier wilderness therapy programs for adults.  Legacy & Juniper Canyon guide adults (men & women) on a journey of self-discovery, healthy recovery, and personal growth. Both programs are gender specific and licensed as Residential Treatment Centers as well as wilderness therapy programs, specializing in outdoor adventure recovery.


Who is Legacy

Learn why Legacy is the only Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare program in the country.


The Legacy experience is designed to help each client begin the deliberate journey to becoming an honorable adult. 

We specialize in working with young adults 18-35. We work well with clients who:

  • Are struggling to complete the transition to adulthood

  • Are challenged by emotional and behavioral issues

  • Have substance abuse issues

  • Lack self-confidence or sense of purpose

  • Have a fear of failure

  • Have social anxiety

  • Struggle with lack of motivation

  • Or have a combination of these and other issues


Legacy is proud to have the most engaged team of clinicians in the field.  Our therapists and counselors have years of experience in wilderness therapy, addiction treatment, and mental health counseling.   


Our clinicians hold unique areas of specialization.  These specialties include: 

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)

  • Motivational Interviewing 

  • Internal Family Systems

  • Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)

In addition to individual sessions, therapists also conduct group therapy daily. This allows each therapist to get to work with every client. 


We believe that healthy recovery goes beyond overcoming substance abuse; it is the process of envisioning and embracing a life of purpose and intention.  The adventure treatment experience effectively serves to move clients through the process of accepting that they have a problem with substances, acknowledging that help is available if they seek it, and cultivating a desire for sobriety. 

At Legacy:

  • Substance abuse issues and any underlying mental health issues are treated simultaneously

  • Each client works with both a Licensed Therapist and a Licensed Substance Abuse Counselor

  • Multiple research-tested treatment methods enrich a traditional 12-step foundation

  • Each client works towards personal responsibility through a process of shame reduction and trauma work


Program Features 

Legacy Treatment Center is a small owner-operated company founded by leaders in the field of wilderness therapy and residential treatment.  We are committed to providing the best individualized treatment experience to our clients and to maintaining the most effective team of professionals.  

Our programs feature:

  • The ability to preauthorize and bill insurance

  • Intensive individual and group therapy

  • Individualized treatment plans updated weekly

  • Structured mentoring by experienced field guides

  • Effective adventure/experiential therapy strategies

  • Gender specific programs 

  • High staff to student ratio

  • Beautiful course area


Legacy Treatment Center is licensed by the State of Utah as a provider of mental health and substance abuse treatment. Many insurance companies will cover part of the cost of Legacy Treatment Center for medically necessary treatment. Legacy program have the ability to preauthorize and bill insurance.

Accredited by The Joint Commission

Licensed by the Utah Department of Human Services



“I have been extensively involved in wilderness therapy for well over two decades and have served as the Medical Director for a number of programs.  I have worked with the founders of Legacy Outdoor Adventures for much of that time and have full confidence in their expertise in the field of wilderness therapy and their ability to operate a safe and effective program. “

Dr. Keith Hooker - MD

" This program was the exact thing I needed to take the first step in realizing I had a problem and open my eyes to a different path of life. The guides and therapists provided an environment in which, a hopeless and apathetic kid as I was, could see a brighter future for myself and become motivated to change my life. Here I was able to have the eye opening experience of realizing what is most important in life, which is living with principle, helping others, and most of all striving for a peace of mind through sobriety.

After leaving Legacy, I went to a sober living in Los Angeles where I really had a mentally, emotionally, and spiritually transformational experience, but I would have never been willing to take that next step without Legacy. I am now coming up on 2 years sober and have never been this happy. I work full time, I'm about to get back into school, and I have an amazing sober community out here. I am endlessly grateful for the care and patience of the entire staff at Legacy and would highly recommend this program to anyone struggling with addiction or depression."

Jack - a patient from California



Every client becomes part of the Legacy family.

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