Canyon Adventure

Crack CanyonEach week the clients and staff are given a position for the week.  We have Expedition leader, Equipment Coordinator, Lead cook, Navigator, Safety Officer, Expedition Photographer, Assistant Cook, and expedition Assistant.    These change from week to week.

At the beginning of our week we sat down with the team and determined we wanted to do Temple Mountain, and some canyon.  We planned the route with the Navigators help looking at the Maps and reading descriptions of hikes.  We planned meals with the cooks.  Talked to the safety officer to go through any issues we may run into, and what our roads mean with the expedition leader.

We found many challenges this week, including the weather and fatigue. We did Ding and Dang Canyon quicker than we expected and worked together well in helping each other over large cracks working on bridging and stemming.  We got a late start to Crack and Chute canyon due to slick conditions, fatigue and lake of time.  The group together made the c all to head back down crack canyon instead of doing the entire loop through chute.  The last canyon we did was Little While Horse, it was our only sunny day, which made for a lot of running water.  We ended at a great sport next to a running stream, that was great for meditation.

Two peak experiences stand out for us this week, week one beginning in dang canyon , we stemmed over 20ft crevasses a few of the clients were a little anxious around it, but with the help of teammates   we were able to make it down very safely. The second is a fire clinic put on by Client (JA). The client learning has some serious difficulty learning how to build a fire, after 3 hours no one had even bust a coal. So client (JA) had to make the fire that night.  The next morning, Client (JJ) woke early and busted a coal into flame, that night client (RW) busted a coal into flame, both over coming and doing what they didn’t think they could.

We dealt with a lot of weather this week, a few days of snow and one night of rain. We came together as a team to get proper shelter up, to stay dry and warm, making sure we were using the proper layering with our clothes, working at a team to get fire in a time of need.   The team became each other allies working together to ultimately accomplish more.

Crack Canyon