Becoming Men on Boulder Mountain

We started out our week’s adventure at Pine Creek, it was windy and cold, everyone seemed excited at their first chance to fish.  Attempts at using the sun shower that morning brought a shivering clean team.  Our plan was to drive toward the top of boulder and fish in Miller Lake. We were expecting a beautiful tranquil lake with the pine trees surrounding it, but when we arrived at our destination we were in the midst of a snow storm.  It was a struggle to make fire and set up camp in the cold, but with our great team of men, it didn’t take us long to accomplish the task.  We talked about the fishing we were going to do the next day; our mouths were watering for the taste of the fresh fish cooked in butter, with lemon pepper.  We woke the next morning to a very cold a frosty air.


As we looked at Miller Lake with fishing in our heads, we noticed that the lake had a layer of unbreakable ice from shore to shore.   We were a little (okay a lot) disappointed, the metaphor was powerful for coming up against setbacks in recovery. After we received more cold weather gear (over bags, liners, and insulated coats) we decided to stay at this location one more night.


Friday we moved to another frozen lake to our disappointment, but had some fun practicing our casting, knot tying.  We had a great group on Honorable Manhood by the fire that evening.  Saturday spirits remained high as we continued our journey to Lost Lake.  The hike was a challenge of the type proven very useful in wilderness therapy.  With sore legs and a renewed team unity, we came over the hill to see the majestic lake WITHOUT ice!!!!!  Fishing began immediately, with some success.  With a group that evening on mentors and the positive influences that can be gained. The theme for the week was solidified.


Monday was the hike down the mountain for the end of the week, meeting for staff exchange and therapist visits.  One major accomplishment for the week was renewed motivation for following through on the best plan for continuing recovery for each team member. Also overcoming the cold and disappointment early in the week, to a warm and pleasant end on the week.   Oh and a good supply of brook trout offered us a delicious dinner.


Kyle B-Field Guide