Mountain Biking

To prepare for our adventure we assigned roles for the week to each team member. After these roles were established our expedition leader and navigator (CC and RS) planned and organized our adventure and the routes we would take.


To begin our adventure we backpacked out in the back country for 3 days, a total of 14 miles in 3 days. Each night we set up camp to have dinner and group around the fire. We packed up in the mornings.  On the fourth day we met up with the other team and took their bikes and other gear. To do the mountain biking part of our adventure we hiked from our campsite all the way back to where we started the trip.


The nights were cold and the hikes were long, but we stayed in good spirits and delved into our psyches each night.  We analyzed our lives and talked about our recoveries and about men we want to be and working towards that.  We bonded as a group over the newest member’s life story as well as during our hikes and bike ride.


Upon return we all felt a sense of accomplishment in the air as we reflected on what we had accomplished this week. The longest distances we hiked the inspiring groups we held and making it through -20 degree temperatures during the nights.  All of this made us stronger as individuals and  and very strong group.

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