The “Legacy Way of Being”

The Legacy Way of BeingThe Legacy Outdoor Adventures’ core principles are comprised of four quadrants.  At the center lies a “heart at peace” surrounded by “Recovery”, “Honorable Manhood”, and “Self Awareness”. We call it a way of being because it is much more than values we strive for in moments of decision, but a constant frame of mind that comes to play in every decision we make.  As a treatment team, we try to foster this way of being in ourselves so we can provide a powerful model for our clients.

Heart at Peace

The “heart at peace” terminology comes from the Arbinger Institute.  The Anatomy Of Peace defines a heart at peace as a way we look at others.  With a heart at peace we see others not as objects, but as people with wants, dreams, strengths, and weaknesses equal to our own.  With a heart at peace we can communicate better, have more accurate empathy for others and have stronger relationships. This is something we constantly strive for and try to instill in our clients as they graduate from our program.  In order to have a heart at peace we have to understand  the antithesis, or “heart at war” and create awareness when we see others as objects.  I have personally witnessed the transformation from a heart at war to one of peace and the result is a powerful reconnection to loved ones and a new found opportunity for meaningful relationships.



Legacy Outdoor Adventures prides itself in creating a foundation where recovery can happen.  Recovery means different things to different people, for many, recovery means freedom from the shackles of an addiction to substances.  Being addicted to a substance, or having a process addiction can severely stunt the growth in maturity for a young man.  For us at Legacy, recovery is not just an idea or even a task to complete and check off; it is a way of life and a way of being that keeps us vigilant against the demons we face in our lives.  The skilled substance abuse counselors at Legacy Outdoor Adventures guide the young men in the beginning steps of recovery and create a foundation for completing a 12 step program.  Through research, and extensive experience our team developed 7 keys to lasting recovery, with number one being purpose for recovery. We at Legacy Outdoor Adventures know that the path of recovery for an addict is long and arduous one, yet in the time we have with our clients we discuss their recovery in terms of being prepared with skills, a detailed relapse prevention plan and increased awareness of triggers.

Honorable Manhood

For many who find their way to Legacy Outdoor Adventures it’s about a lack of direction.  The same seem to be stuck in a pattern of childish behaviors.  Honorable Manhood is a reachable goal for each of our clients as the wilderness teaches them what they are capable of.  Through this new found self efficacy, the clients begin to mold and envision the man they want to be; an honorable man.  An honorable man is one of values, and integrity.  He is responsible, caring, and considerate of others.  We at Legacy create an atmosphere and space where an honorable man can be made from one trying to find himself.  We challenge the clients to define their own kind of honorable manhood through individual and group therapy.  They have the opportunity to exercise these traits with group members, where the feedback is often immediate.


At Legacy we create an environment of self-awareness.  We have moments of awareness throughout each day.  We strive to give and receive immediate feedback so we can be mindful of how each of us are experienced by others.  As we increase our awareness of our emotions, thoughts, and behaviors we can begin to have influence and control over these areas of self. For instance, if I can create awareness over my emotions and the thoughts that precede those emotions I can create an opportunity to behave differently in the awareness.  This awareness is especially useful in maintaining interpersonal relationships.  If we can create awareness of how others may be experiencing ourselves, we can begin to influencing the outcome of that experience.

At Legacy Outdoor Adventures we believe in helping young men transition into honorable men by increasing their awareness and finding their heart at peace.  Whether our clients are beginning their recovery from addiction or simply finding a direction, we at Legacy pride ourselves in creating a way of being around a heart at peace.

By Mike Mills, Therapist


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